To get started with Nuit, follow the steps below. Note: this is a quick overview, and for a more in-depth explanation of each stage you should read the relevant documentation.

  • Install Nuit following the Installation guidelines.

  • In your app, define a base template that extends from nuit/base.html, that includes the relevant framework elements:

    {% extend 'nuit/base.html' app_title='My application' topbar=True leftmenu=True %}
  • Use this template to define everything you want on all pages in your application, such as the application-level menu:

    {% block left_menu %}
        {% app_menu 'My Application' %}
            {% menu_item name='Page One' link='/page-one/' %}
            {% menu_item name='Page Two' link='/page-two/' %}
            {% menu_item name='Page Three' link='/page-three/' %}
            {% menu_item name='Page Four' link='/page-four/' %}
            {% menu_item name='Page Five' link='/page-five/' %}
        {% end_app_menu %}
    {% endblock %}
  • Inherit all other templates from this one:

    {% extend 'my-base.html' %}